Pacman World – Do You Still Remember It?

Pacman World for PlayStation 1 was one of PlayStation’s bestsellers of the early 2000’s. Pacman World is known for its 3D Gaming.

Pacman World consists of 6 “Worlds”. Each world includes some diverse levels, enemies and a boss...


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Got Right

+ Life-like gameplay

+ Fully fleshed out game modes

+ Robust online features

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Got Wrong

– Inaccessible to casual players

– Horrible visuals

– Voice commentary is subpar

– Crippling load times

I’m not a golfer b...


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

The hardest-hitting Tekken yet.

What TTT2 Got Right

+ Tekken’s trademark fast and fluid fighting

+ Biggest and best character roster yet

+ Extensive character customisation

+ Excellent online and offline game modes

What TTT2 Got Wrong

– Steep learning curve

– No Te...


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Crucial combat tips

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a hard game until you master the unique controls. It does a terrible job of explaining what is actually an intuitive combat system to the point of potentially turning you off.

If you’re struggling, don’t give in! Try these combat tip...


Dead or Alive 5 Review

The return of overly-animated mammary glands and over-the-top fighting action.

What Dead or Alive 5 Got Right

+ Fighting gameplay flows smoothly

+ Counters are more balanced

+ Graphical engine is superb

+ Over-the-top energy is charming

What Dead or Alive 5 Got Wrong