Airport CEO Simulator 2018

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Become the hero of the taxiway, having donned the role of an employee of the airport in the game Airport CEO.

Try your hand at a major international airport. Many fascinating tasks, the ability to control powerful trucks, cars to conduct icing and other vehicles!  In the difference of other simulators submitted in airportceo 5 popular aircraft and 14 types of vehicles, which guarantees the diversity of situations and objectives.

You have to handle them in any weather and time of day. Remember, any delay in flight operations leads to losses! Fill aircraft with fuel, spend boarding passengers, and don’t forget about the power delivery, baggage and cargo. Help the pilots to divert the aircraft to the Parking spot, driving the escort vehicle and get behind the wheel of the Shuttle bus, carrying passengers to the aircraft. Deliver to the right place, the ground power units, prepare a self-propelled passenger and television ladders. And that’s not all! When it begins to get colder you have to make every effort to keep the ice and snow.  Simulator airport ceo vs sim airport is a wide fleet of vehicles.

If they cease to meet your needs, you can improve them directly in the hangar of the airport. The only way you will be able to cope with all the challenges of the modern airport, and then, improving their skills to access many achievements.

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The continuation of a successful series on the management of airport and ground handling of aircraft.
Huge airport with taxi tracks and runways, a hangar for vehicles and the opportunity to visit the control tower.
Managed 14 vehicles, including Shuttle buses, self-propelled passenger gangway boarding bridge, tractor, machine, catering, forklift, conveyor for the transport of goods, tanker, car for icing, ground power unit, car maintenance and three types of snowplows.
A system to dynamically generate quests will not let you get bored.
Realistic movement of air and ground vehicles (including takeoff and landing of planes).
The achievement system and the ability to improve vehicle and units.
A variety of weather conditions and effects: snow, rain, sunshine, dynamic change of day and night.
Realistic sound picture, including talks on the radio.



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